M. F Chapter 253: Spacecraft descending from the sky

Ye Qing turned over the comment and almost had the cold sweat.

The comments are all about predicting the film, how garbage it is.
All the sci-fi props in this movie are made by the Monster Heavy Factory.
It is also said that the movie garbage is technical waste provided by the Monster Heavy Factory.
Ye Qing wants to say that empiricism is not enough.
But he can't bring the pictures of the live broadcast to his mobile phone to explain to the audience.
There is no evidence, and no one is seen.
The audience is justified and defines it as a step-by-step sci-fi film.
He does not blame the audience.
As long as it is a person who loves movies, he doesn’t want to look forward to the Chinese director.
He can really shoot a sci-fi movie, a big-scale movie.
Not to mention what it would be like, even if it was only in Hollywood in the 1990s, the audience had to play the championship and smash the cinema.
The Hollywood blockbuster [Scorpio] released in 1996, even after 20 years, can still make all domestic science fiction movies desperate.
However, Hollywood's film technology has undergone earth-shaking changes during these two decades.
Over the past two decades, the public has also been filled with blood scenes since the beginning of the film.
Once again, they have been used by national filmmakers, with a variety of sci-fi special effects films to fifty cents, consumption has become blame.
At noon, at the time of the working meal, Ye Qing did not have much taste, and he felt upset because hate could not come out immediately and it is not easy for him to watch the promotional film.
Fortunately, it didn't take too long to disappear.
After lunch, Ye Qing sat in the office and watched the blasting preparation work of the building while waiting for the promotional film to go online.
The old department store is a five-story building with a low height but a large footprint.
Because it was built in the 1980s, the department store is not equipped with underground parking lots like the newly built buildings.
Not only the customers complained, but even the merchants were all bitter.
Driving here is like to look for bitterness, and the problem of parking can make people hard to die.
There is also a serious shortage of toilets in the building.
There are only two public toilets for men and women on the first floor, and a small amount of water supply pipes.
People in the 1980s did not care about personal problems.
Now, no, the slightly larger shops are not equipped with independent hygiene, which greatly affects the mood of customers.
There are many similar problems.
All the design concepts are seriously unable to keep up with the development of the problem.
Therefore, before the inspection team arrived, the Zhongyun City Urban Construction Bureau included the building in the demolition project.
Looking from the position of Ye Qing, he can see the inside of the building without windows.
There are many workers wearing orange overalls, walking around with the reel, and studying there for half a day.
Ye Qing knows this is the primer used in the blast hole and is installed.
Outside the interception network, on the road, the traffic police near the up the warning strip.
Some citizens who want to park nearby are also being discouraged.
The five-story building was completely undisturbed with blasting technology.
Ye Qing was also the first to see the blasting demolition because he decided to take a look at this spectacular building collapse scene.
At 15 o'clock in the afternoon, in the Tencent video, in the live broadcast room of [she from the aliens], the number of viewers suddenly increased.
500,000, 700,000, 800,000...
According to Ding's speech, half of the audience rushed to Xu Ninggong's palace after attending the latest press conference.
The director Ding Yin originally had a very low-key press conference, which was widely advertised by journalists.
It was described as a gimmick.
The director Ding Yin wanted to shoot a domestic sci-fi film which shocks everyone.
In the beginning, the audience felt the director Ding was insane and was overwhelmed by the first few works of a certain level.
Now the audience still thinks so.
As time went by, the audience in the live broadcast room quickly broke through the one million online marks.
"World Watching Movies," "Douban Film Review", "Times Network", "Tencent Entertainment", etc.
Almost all well-known online media in China have editors come in, ready to wait for the beginning of the promotional film.
Grab the front of other online media, publish Latest reviews.
Yan Bindong is a senior film review editor of the film information network.
He knows that any news, as long as the title brings the words of Xu Ninggong, can easily harvest a lot of clicks.
If you play with the words, make sure the following comments can be blasted in the shortest time.
The black and pink people can't hate to turn the text into a nuclear bomb and launch each other towards each other.
Therefore, in order to be able to broadcast for the first time, Yan Bindong did not start with the promotional film but just with the press release.
According to his own experience, he draws more attention in the press release.
How many times does Xu Ninggong want to devastate fans?
Quite a controversial title, he was not expected to be hit by Qi Bindong.
Domestic sci-fi movies have the directors, who dare not touch the sad.
The director Ding and Xu Ninggong may feel that even if the sci-fi movie is bad.
There will be a lot of fans going to the cinema to hold their noses and watch.
I want to say they are wrong.
This sci-fi movie will drag the audience into the abyss.
Yan Bindong did not need to fight the draft and began to criticize when he came up.
"Ten!", "Nine!", "Eight!"...
In the live room, the countdown starts.
When the number reaches zero, the original gray-white background instantly turns black.
"Whoo … Whoo … Whoo"
The screaming alarm sounded sudden.
Many users who choose to watch in full screen are scared.
A burst of ethereal electronic sound, the sound is an alien language that has never been heard.
Subtitles: [Warning ~ Warning ~ The speed of the engine is broken, the spacecraft starts the forced landing procedure, please prepare the passengers for the impact.]
The picture gradually lit up, wearing a lightweight armored spacesuit Xu Ninggong, sitting nervously in the cockpit.
"My godmother!"
Senior film editor Qi Bindong, surprised at the moment of seeing the picture, picked up from the chair.
He slammed his eyes, full of incredible, watching the spacesuit on the screen.
This is a set of dreamy spacesuits consisting of multiple streamlined white metals that fit snugly on the curve of the Xu Ninggong body.
The surface of the pure white armor is faint and smooth.
Each armor is also lined with magic-like dent lines that combine to create an incomprehensible complex totem.
Inside the groove totem, it seems that there is a liquid silver metal flowing back and forth, charging the set.
Not waiting for Yu Bindong to react, the picture flew out of the cockpit.
Even with a professional video, you can't guess how this plane flies out because it's not a CG picture, it's real.
A spaceship 60 meters in diameter comes from the sky.
This is a dark gray interstellar spacecraft full of years of vicissitudes.
There are several scratches on the ship that may be caused by meteorite collisions, where the mesh crystals are evenly sputtered.
In front of the spaceship, a beautiful shield-shaped emblem is set in it.
There is a diamond-shaped ray on the shield emblem.
Under the reflection of the sunlight, the luster becomes a dazzling halo, which makes it not the metal at all but the illusion of the diamond.
"How is this possible?"
Yan Bindong was completely out of his mind.
The starship in front of him was definitely a real interplanetary spacecraft.
Yan Bindong was overwhelmed by the shocking picture that fell from the sky.
Yan Bindong’s ears in the winter are full of atmospheric friction, and the interstellar spacecraft is getting bigger and bigger in his pupils.


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