S. B. F. C Chapter 66: His request is not good.

"Please forgive me for refusing!"

It makes sense to say that Womi can see what kind of script can be written. Li Yalin’s heart is actually very curious, but after thinking about reading this notebook, the lower limit of his own three views will be refreshed again. He finally resists. Impulsive refused the small notebook that Womi sends.
This one... Let's talk about it later, now is not the time to look at that.
At the same time as this decision was made. Li Yalin’s mind came up with another thought. That is, absolutely must not let his own Lolli contact Womi absolutely not allowed!
Otherwise, his own Lolli will definitely be polluted by Womi!
In order to protect his own Lolli, what does he have to be dirty, come to it?
"That's a pity."
Li Yalin refused her own script. Womi saw some disappointment, but she did not insist. She put the notebook aside and did not take it.
"Then return to the topic, Yalin, you really think that this contest, we have no hope at all?"
Is this the face of Womi? It is clear there is no limit to exercise, and she can turn around. She actually recovered.
He is still not planning to give up?
It’s too fast to say you have changed your face! I can't adapt, ah!
In the face of the problem of Womi, Li Yalin couldn't help but sigh. He always felt that if he spoke now, he would really lose, so... it is better to solve this matter quickly.
"According to the normal situation, it is true there is no hope at all, but what... I just have a little bit of game programming, I can barely draw personal settings, more or less can make a soundtrack and there is a script. So, if you want to play a game to participate in the contest, there is no problem."
"I can't guarantee the extent to which the game can be achieved after the game is made. I can't guarantee it."
The sudden game exhibition conference, plus the college game competition combined with the rewards that they just received. If Li Yalin still can't understand the situation, he is really helpless.
It is clear this is the system assist himself. If he does need Alice Sonata, it is really stupid.
Just... can this game really win the competition? It’s a game that he has never heard of even listening to. It’s estimated that it’s a niche that can’t be a niche. Can he really win in the big game?
Li Yalin didn't have any strength at all, so he said he left room for himself.
It’s OK to take out the game to compete, but the ranking can not be guaranteed, this should be no problem?
"Really? Can you really make a game?"
In fact, the problems that Li Yalin proposed before have already made Womi understand. Her thoughts are really unreasonable. It is just a joke to use perseverance. The game is not something that can be produced casually.
But the result is good. Now Li Yalin actually said that he would program, can draw people, can make music and finally have a game script.
What is this?
Do you have a pillow for sleeping?
No, this is completely a model with heroes falling from the sky!
Although she won't know if Li Yalin can really make a game, which he said now is enough to make Womi excited!
To be reasonable, Womi that kind of very calm girl. On weekdays, she does not show any expression on her face. If she really shows her expression, she is either a prank or her true feelings.
Generally speaking, if Womi shows an expression, she may be more than 80% ready to prank.
No, maybe the probability of reaching 90% is also certain.
But this time, Womi sees there is really no plan for mischief. She is really excited this time. It has to know that such an opportunity is very rare. It is even said that this should be regarded as a major opportunity for Yingling High School!
If he can really get results at the conference,
Then her ideals may be realized or not!
"You see Womi, don't be excited, although I can make a game I also have my request."
Unlike the excitement of Womi, Li Yalin is now very calm, because, at this moment, he is not talking to Womi as the vice president of the Yingling High School Student Union.
Li Yalin’s words made Womi see a little bit of a sigh. She was really excited, but it didn’t mean she lost her mind. Li Yalin would ask for it at this time. It’s definitely not as simple as taking the game out.
"The requirement H can not be fulfilled!" Although Yalin interests me a lot, I have not yet established contacts to do certain things in H, although I will not allow it!"
The next moment let Li Yalin laugh and laugh, and he does not know if Womi really wants to see him. She heard that there was a request, she actually thinks that this request is H.
What the hell?
And how does she become so skilled in this subconscious chest movement?
"Well, if that's the case, then we won't talk."
Since Li Yalin is happy to play this game, Li Yalin does not mind playing with her, and you are not allowed not to? Then let's not talk about it. Is that all right?"
Li Yalin stood up and tried to leave, but at the moment he got up, Womi saw there was a direct forward jump, without any regard for men's and women's defense, clasped his arm.
"I promised! I will promise you no matter what you ask! Even if you want me..."
"Stop! STOP! Is that all right so far? Can I lose?
Well, Li Yalin is really playing with Womi. You know the sound insulation of the student union is not good, and the sound of Womi is not small. if this is transmitted to the outside, and then what are the gossips, Li Yalin is afraid. He really wants to cry without tears.
He didn't want to get rid of it, so... We can't do it without playing?
See the lower limit than Womi, he is still very tender!
"Cut, is that the only way? I thought Yalin could cooperate with me well."
Seeing Li Yalin for three or two times, she stopped playing. The face of Womi immediately showed disappointment. In other words, she really planned to continue playing.
"This kind of thing normal people can't cooperate well with it!"
At this moment, Li Yalin only wants to see the sputum of Womi and always feels that when he gets along with the president, he will always incarnate and swear.
After all, in the future, I will not become a vice president of young students.
This possibility... It seems to be really big...
This is really a tangled problem. But at the moment, there is no way to think too much or it is better to put it aside for the time being.

If the words are on the right track, it is also time to explain their requirements. After all, it involves something, and it is really important!

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