M. F Chapter 278: Rainwater also has its value

If there are still so many orders received next month, Ye Qing will put the Mechanical Colossus Type I up and raise the price.

This is called market regulation, and price fluctuations are caused by changes in supply and demand.

This is in line with the laws of the economy, and whether it is black or not, it has nothing to do with the price increase.

Ok …

Ye Qing, who has already made all the balances in his pockets, to build a building, he thinks so about it.

At 10 o'clock in the morning, the water on the main road of Zhongyun City was gradually drained.

In the city center, a pit of 18,000 square meters has become a lake.

After the morning precipitation, the rain in the foundation pit is quite clear. Nearby the property of the Blue Sky Building, a water pipe was taken to pump the water, and the floor in the parking lot of the building was washed.

"Then you'd better pick up more water pipes."


"Because we have to start draining the water in the pit, you won't be able to get water in the afternoon." The Master Craftsman did not show off anything, just to state the facts.

"It's not good, it's used, it's useless if you do not need it you do not have to." The two homemade pipes smoked as they tried to hide disbelief on their faces as they dispersed the smoke.

Even if a civil air defense project is hidden in the foundation pit, there will be at least 10,000 tons of accumulated water deposited inside, and the water will be evacuated for several hours. Don't say they don't believe it.

Even if the pupils used to putting water in the swimming pool and filling water with math problems come, they can't believe it.

Just as the material pipe connected the pump, the UHV pipe network system was transported.

Followed by a Mechanical Colossus Type I, there is no tool in the tool holder, but a thick UHV wire water pipe with a thick wrist.

Two property management units together with the stalking personnel, in the coffee shop of the building, looked at each other inexplicably the huge pumping equipment that no one had ever seen.

It is natural to use a water pump for drainage, but there is no shadow of this pump in front of this equipment. It is like a submarine with a huge streamlined water tank and a thick pipe like a torpedo.

The installation of this UHV pipe network system alone allowed Mechanical Colossus Type I to be installed for an hour.

This is an urban area, and the drained water can not be discharged at will. The Master Craftsman will connect the twenty drainage pipes and connect them to nearby wells.

The pump of the Blue Sky Building has been working for an hour, and the two property pipes are simply standing next to each other. Some look like the bustle, watching the pipes like spider webs.

"Do you want to rush on the facade of your building?" The Master Craftsman stepped over and pointed to the outer wall of the thirty-third-floor building next door: "You see there are many old stains on your outer wall, and it can't be washed away by the rain."

"The accumulation of water in these foundation pits is not a waste."

The two owner men pipes looked at each other and felt like they were listening to the Bible the heavenly book.

The Blue Sky Building was built seven years ago. Outside the building, it is not an integrated glass curtain wall, but a network structure similar to a residential area with much marble floating walls.

Seven years of the wind and rain, the outer sky of the Blue Sky Building has long been very old, especially the connection between the stone wall and the glass deposited too many stains.

As long as it is not a building with an all-glass curtain wall structure, there is such a common problem.

Now the technician on the site told them that when the construction site is pumping water, can it help them clean the outer wall?


"The first wall is free. You have to think that the cleaning is clean. If you want to wash the remaining three sides, you have to pay for it."The Master Craftsman is following the trick: "I decided to wash. I will let people adjust some neutral detergent pumps."Into the water tower."

The Blue Sky Building is one hundred and forty-seven meters high. This height is in the eye of the object. If the ladder high-pressure water gun is not used, the water flow cannot reach a height of more than 50 meters.

However, people have proposed to help clean the entire wall for free, and whether he can hit it. Anyway, Bill Gates can't refuse this good thing.

Two objects, the chicken nodded like a bowl of glutinous rice.

The Master Craftsman turned his head and revealed a sly smile on his cheeks.

Now his boss Ye Qing is seriously short of money. When it comes to employees, it is natural to worry about the boss.

The industrial cleaner used to clean the stone stains has been bought with the pipeline for a long time. What adjustments are made?

A Mechanical Colossus Type X came over and started the diesel generator set to supply power to the UHV pipe network system. Another Mechanical Colossus Type I with a high-pressure steel wire hose with a thick wrist is fixed in the mechanical claw.

At the end of the water pipe, it is an adjustable metal nozzle. At first glance, it looks like a large cleaning gun.

When the Mechanical Colossus Type I was carrying a long high-pressure water pipe and came to the bottom of the Blue Sky Building. The property management manager of the building also ran out to see the excitement.

The fifteen barrels of stone industry cleaning agent has been added to the water tower. Everything is ready, and the master will start with a walkie-talkie notification.

The Mechanical Colossus Type X and UHV pipe network system starts at the same time, instantly resounding mechanical roar sound so that the management of the Blue Sky Building fiercely slammed their ears.

Twenty seconds later, a pale green water column was shot straight out by the cleaning gun of the Mechanical Colossus Type I.

The sound of the water from the water column made people feel horrible. Like a javelin, it flew in the paradise of the Blue Sky Building.

The well was opened near the foundation pit, and the warning sign was set up beside the well. And there was also an influx of water at an alarming flow rate.

Nigh to the building, those pale green water columns swept back and forth from top to bottom as a wiper.

The more it pours down, the deeper the color of the water column becomes and in the end it slowly becomes a dark brown with a lot of stains.

"This... How much pressure does this require?" The property management manager covered his ears and pouted his head with his head and looked at the top of the Blue Sky Building.

The Mechanical Colossus Type I continue to spray the cleaning agent. When the lower position is sprayed, another robot arm is used to adjust the water flow speed of the water gun to prevent the cleaning agent from breaking the glass.

Ten minutes later, the entire building wall was sprayed with a layer of a light green cleaner.

The cleaning agent injected into the high-pressure water pressure is just used, and the water flow from the water gun is gradually clear.

The clear water flows into the exterior of the building, and the cleaning agents that discolor due to the dissolution of the stains are immediately flushed.

It's not a simple cleaning. Several person mouths are so grinning that they can wipe out bird droppings all over the sky.

A robotic arm lifts the water gun to counter the enormous impact of the water flow. Another robotic arm, which is now flying up and down, is constantly rotating the water gun adjustable device at a dazzling speed.

No one figured out how the driver inside did it, letting the water flow on the marble and the glass with the right difference between the two constituents.

The extremely hard marble can withstand more powerful water impacts. The glass has a weak bearing capacity, but the high gloss of the glass allows it to be easily cleaned.

The water flow seems to be an invisible eraser, and the place where it is washed away by the cleaning agent has all become completely new and makes people feel particularly pleasing.

When the building was thoroughly cleaned. Not to mention a little property management, even the building's shop owners also came out.

Surprising and praising each other, the appearance of the cleaned building has given them a sense of time and space that has just returned to the building for seven years.

Bright and clean!

It is also because of the incomparable brightness that it is even more so that the other three sides of the building are as dirty as the oil spilled.

This visual difference can simply drive a large number of people with OCD.

A good feeling is surrounded by property management. There is no doubt that if it makes the other three faces of the building look new, will be happy and pleasing.

This year's property management fees do not want to ensure a dime does not want to collect.
This year's Property Management Fees want to make sure to collect any penny.

This is not because they are worried. They have not looked at the shop owners, who they have already surrounded them. Why did you stop cleaning work? Do you want to confuse the eagerness to try your eyes?

"Oh ..." The property management manager smiled and walked to the Master Craftsman, and swallowed and asked: "In addition... the cleaning price of the three sides of the building is... how much."

"Wait!" A middle-aged man in suit and leather clothes rushed out of nowhere. He brazenly squeezed between the two. "I'm the property management manager of Times Building behind you. We also need to clean the building. Our outer surface area is 370,000 square meters. Look at master..."



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