S. B. F. C Chapter 54 says that a fool is a fool.

"Damn! I also want Atsuko to send me a towel, and gently say to me: you have worked hard!"

"Oh... actually I want South students to give me a towel..."

"No matter who... just give me a towel! Damn it!"

Like this situation, can you really say that you have gained the goodwill of the volleyball department?

How do you constantly feel that your feelings are falling?

Wiping the sweat on his forehead and feeling the burning eyes of the boys in the volleyball department, Li Yalin feel he was under great pressure.

Although he experienced of the towel sent by a sister to wipe sweat surely, the first flash is well.

"I am very happy to be able to fight side by side with you today. It is too late, I will leave."

Anyway, everyone is a comrade in the trenches.

If Li Yalin wants to leave, he must first say goodbye to everyone.

Because he can’t go home to with sport clothes.

In the direction of Haruka and Takagi, he nodded and pointed out that he went to the locker room to change clothes.

Although he has already called Chino in advance to postpone his piano performance, but sure enough, it is better to get back as soon as possible.


"Atsuko, do you know that boy? He is a first-year schooler? How is it so powerful?"

"I want a boyfriend like this!"

It is hard to say that Li Yalin has a good feeling in the men's group.

However, in the women's group, his feelings are absolutely bursting.

After he had left, the girls of the volleyball women's team immediately surrounded Atsuko and asked her questions.

Such a person can appear at a critical moment, help the volleyball department to turn the play for winning and finally go to such a handsome girl. It can arouse the girls' good feelings.

However, Atsuko was completely overwhelmed, he was surrounded by a lot of people.

She still hasn’t reacted yet.

What is going on?

It is a pity that Li Yalin, who has left, can't save her.

At this moment, he has changed clothes and left the stadium, and returned directly to the coffee shop.

Li Yalin looks at the time, luckily, it's not too late, it's only half an hour late, the guests should be able to understand.

"Mr. Yalin."

"Yalin teacher!"

"Yalin predecessors."

"I am back."

Back to Rabbit-House, Li Yalin found he was the last one to come back. Chino, Cocoa and her friends are already busy in the coffee shop.

For this reason, he smiled and greeted everyone, then quickly walked to his position.

Yes, he has already felt that since entering Rabbit House, customers have focused on him to make him understand exactly what he should do. It was enough to present the best music in the world.

Along with the melodious piano sound, the customers of the coffee shop are gradually immersed in the ocean of music.

This is the performance moment exclusively for Li Yalin, and it is also a unique landscape in Rabbit-House.

“Is this the coffee shop? It looks nothing special.”

Just as the piano fluttered in the coffee shop, a few girls were standing outside the coffee shop.

One girl of the black-haired ponytail looked up and down, and the final conclusion was that it was just an ordinary coffee shop.

"You are stupid, are you questioning the choice of Haruka's older sister?"

The voice of the black-haired double-tailed girl just fell, and the girl around her age who seems to be about ten years old immediately spit up, no... more accurately,

This should be a poison tongue.

After all, it's called a fool.

"A fool is a fool who says he's a fool!"

"Well, this time we are out for dinner. Thank you, Mr. Li, by the way. Don't go too far."

The girl with black hair and two ponytails immediately showed anger when she was called by fool,

Just as she was about to fight back, another voice rang again.

If Li Yalin stood at the front door of the coffee shop, he definitely would recognize Haruka's voice, because she had just played side by side with him.

She is Haruka the classmate of Li Yalin!

"Yes, Haruka is an adult."

"Cut! It’s not the first time this girl provoked me!"

The quarrel between the two girls in front of the coffee shop has not yet begun, and it was stopped by Haruka.

Behind Haruka, the Lolli, about ten years old, immediately shut up. In contrast, the girl with the double ponytail has a look of disdain.

"Okay, okay, this time we are sure to thank Yalin’s schoolmate, and I am more interested by the piano playing of Yalin. If he is as magical as it is described by Atsuko, it’s too interesting. Isn't it?"

At present, there are not only three people in front of the cafe, but also Takagi, Atsuko and the players of the volleyball team.

That's not all, Hikaru's face now is full of interest, it's obvious that she heard about Li Yalin through Atsuko's mouth and was more interested.

"That's it, let's go ahead and see it."

The voice of Hiraku just fell.

The hand of Takagi had already been placed on the door handle of the coffee shop, and the lightly pushed, followed by the crisp doorbell.

It is also when the door of the coffee shop is pushed open.

The piano sound in the store is introduced into everyone's ears.

The sound insulation effect of Rabbit-House is really good, and everything is clearly heard when standing at the door.

If you can't, you can push the door away, and it is immediately another world in front of several girls.


When Tagaki opened the door and heard the beautiful piano sound, she couldn't help but squat in the same place.

Although she had already prepared for it, she couldn't react to some of the piano sounds.

Fortunately, Cocoa, that has heard the bell ringing has arrived.

She has long been familiar with Li Yalin’s piano.

Although she still likes it, she will not relax her work.

When a guest arrives, she will need to welcome the guests into the store and serve them.

"Oh... um..."

With the Cocoa reminder, Tagaki was considered to be returning to the Rabbit-House, and after subconsciously looking around, she immediately locked her eyes looking next to the bar.

There, Li Yalin, who had not had time to change the uniform, was playing the piano with great concentration

Until this time, Tagaki really realized the feelings of Atsuko.

It's no wonder that when Atsuko saw Li's classmate, she would be so dazed... This kind of nice piano is really just played by a high school student.

The most amazing thing is this high school student is still his classmate!!


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