M. F Chapter 237: To reach the 2nd River

When Ye Qing arrived in Liangjiang City, it happened to be at 9:30.

At this point, Liangjiang City is holding a special event - Haitang Island Science and Technology Frontier Innovation Conference!

The name has a strong sense of science and technology.

In fact, Liangjiang City takes the lead in soliciting large enterprises and factories.

To solve the problem of flooding Haitang Island.

Which has been devastated during countless years, by means of science and technology?

The conference was selected in the planning and construction exhibition hall of Liangjiang City, and Ye Qing was also invited here.

Planning and construction of the rear of the exhibition hall, the second phase of the venue expansion is underway.

In the main exhibition hall, the two team leaders of the Mayor team are also here.

Not halfway out of the matter, Ye Qing does not need to come so early.

Coming early, Ye Qing visits those companies and factories to know what ideas have been suggested for flood control?

The Tianjiang River is endless, and the water level of the Tianjiang Rivers will increase rapidly during the summer rainy season.

This year, there was a flood in the upper reaches of the Tianjiang River.

There was not much rainfall in the lower reaches.

Haitang Island was not flooded.

Being flooded is the normal state, and no flooding is normal's state.

The two governors want to fight against the wild power of nature.

Ye Qing said he was not curious to know hat it was wrong.

Into the science and technology innovation venue.

Ye Qing almost thought to enter the large indoor theme shooting club.

At a glance, how can it be a shield wall like a bunker?

"Mr. Ye!"

Make his voice heard the deputy leader of the inspection team,  Wu Qianyan waved.

"We met again, Mr. Ye."

Wu Qianyan, the deputy head of the group, came over and shook hands with Ye Qing.

Then she introduced to a little man next to her:

"Mr. Mayor Qu, Mr. Ye is a heavy weapon at the helm."

"Long-term long-awaited!"

Qu Kangxin mayor is short, but the temperament of the body is not to be seen.

"Mr. Mayor, hello!"

"Mr. Ye, I didn't expect that we would meet here."

The young man who explained to the team leader suddenly turned around and smiled at Ye Qing.

"Xu Tai?"

Ye Qing did not expect so many acquaintances, the called Xu Tai is the vice president of Amano.

"I just went to the company yesterday, and I asked to discuss with the Behemoth Heavy Industry the cooperation of Mechanical Colossus Type I production..."

"Just yesterday in the company, the deputy general manager named Zhang Yutian seems to be bigger..."

"Do not like the attitude of Amano Heavy Industry. However, the scene to be done still needs to be done."

After Ye Qing shakes hands with him, he asks where went the general, Zhang Zong.

"Zhang always comes for a while, does Ye always come to observe this technology frontier?"

Xu Tai is laughing, but he gives Ye Qing a feeling of dissatisfaction:

"This time the technology project of Haitang Island, is under Amano A lot of strength, Mr. Ye may wish to visit, and finally evaluate who has the most advantage?"

"That I wish you all the talents of Amano to win this first prize."

Ye Qing did not pick up his words, and then went to say hello to the leader Gao Fengming, and then led the delicate master to aimlessly strolled.

Haitang Island needs to face the danger of raising the water level of the Tianjiang River.

It is a fantasy that it is expected to lower the water level of the Tianjiang River.

The only feasible way seems to be to build artificial flood walls to protect the flowers and plants in Haitang Island from flooding.

More than a dozen companies that brought solutions on the spot were also thinking about flood prevention walls.

Flood control walls have been gradually popularized in cities.

Many cities in the upper reaches of the Tianjiang River have flood protection walls on the riverside.

When the water level rises, aluminum alloys or steel plates are installed on the concrete pedestals on the riverside.

The flood wall needs so much material.

At the most thrilling time, the water level outside the flood control wall can be two meters higher than the water level in the flood control wall.

People walk under the flood control wall, and the wall is separated by the boundless River.

It sounds simple and not too technically difficult.

However, if Haitang Island only avoids damage to the flowers and plants on the island by building a flood control wall, it will not cause the headaches of Liangjiang City for so many years.

The flood wall requires the construction of a concrete pedestal for the installation of flood protection baffles.

This kind of concrete needs to be excavated to a sufficient depth and exposed to the ground half a meter high.

If it is installed on Haitang Island, let alone the original 4A level attraction rises to 5A.

Being smashed into 3A is possible.

Around Haitang Island, it is a shoal of agate stone washed by the River, sparkling underwater and beachside.

It is a beautiful agate stone with five colors.

Even the ancient poets used - suspected immortals bring jade to praise the scenery here.

In this magnificent natural landscape created by nature, build a thick concrete pedestal.

And later there will be a ghost tourist to visit this place.

This is a very contradictory problem.

It is also because it is difficult to solve.

Liangjiang City will choose to hold the Haitang Island Science and Technology Frontier Innovation Conference when the inspection team is staying to prove itself and firmly implement the theme of changing the city and residents' lives.

The first company took the traditional path, and they designed a hidden base.

In the display sample, only one notch of the base is exposed on the pebbles, and the flood wall is up to five meters.

After installation, the back of the flood wall must be supported by thick steel columns.

This kind of design is undoubtedly impossible to enter the eyes of Liangjiang City.

The pedestal is hidden again, and it has to be exposed to the shoal.

The load-bearing platform has to be built under the support column.

The damage is not beautiful, and the tourists will trip another dog to eat.

After watching the three, he went to fourth place to see a little bit of technology and innovation.

This is an upright flood wall that has not yet appeared.

It is also necessary to start construction on the shore and build a pedestal.

However, the flood wall is close to the ground on weekdays and can be covered with agate stone.

When the water level is raised, the flood control wall is lifted by hydraulic struts and is raised like a dump truck.

Ye Qing shook his head, and the shortcomings of doing so were equally huge.

Not to mention the mechanical maintenance part, just the area it needs to start, it is nearly ten times more than the traditional base.

The agate rocky beach on Haitang Island is only 15 or 6 meters long and surrounds the island like a colorful jade belt.

This kind of flood wall needs to dig up nearly half of the beach edge.

And as long as the tourists kick the agate stone above, they can see the huge steel floodwall below.

Among all the products, the number of technology is the highest.

The same concealed flood wall, but it rises vertically like a pile.

The raised flood wall is made of a special alloy with a tensile strength of 520 MPa and a yield strength of 300 MPa.

After erecting, there is no need to support the steel column behind it.

According to the design of Amano Heavy Industries, the flood wall is hidden at a depth of seven meters on the ground, and there is a maintenance passage inside for maintenance personnel to enter and exit.

After the completion, there is only one circle of 10 cm wide concealed flood wall outlet on the shore.

There is no doubt that Liangjiang City will adopt the design of Amano Heavy Industries.

And Amano Heavy Industries will also be filled with pots for this design.

Now, not only the two mayors are interested in the products of Amano Heavy Industries, but even the head of the inspection team, Gao Fengming, has been staying there and listening to them to explain the specific construction plan of this product.

"Tianye Heavy Industry is worthy of relying on Anqi Heavy Industry, a world-class industrial machinery company, your products are really great."

The mayor of Liangjiang City laughed:

"This time, Haitang Island can finally solve the flood problem in one fell swoop."

At this time, the other vice president of Amano Heavy Industries, Zhang Yutian no one did not know from where he to come out.

"Mr. Ye, I saw the parking lot there, and I saw you stopped a Mechanical Colossus Type I."

Zhang Yutian did not seem surprised at the arrival of Ye Qing.

"The right pair, there is also the Mechanical Colossus Type I. Just behind the second phase of the stadium, will we visit the Mechanical Colossus Type I?"

Mayor Qu Kangxin also almost forgot the products recommended by the inspection team and quickly greeted everyone to visit another technology product.

The group walked toward the outside, and Zhang Yutian followed him.

He looked at him with a win-win. He suddenly inserted a sentence:

"Mr. Ye, I heard that the official website of the behemoth heavy work in the previous two days seems to have released an important notice."

"The notice said that this Mechanical Colossus Type I there are serious power system defects, need to recall all products for repair?" (to be continued.)


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