M I H G Chapter 187: 35 Bottles, Force 2 Fists.

"Take off your clothes and show us what's under them."


The older policeman looked at Cheng Ge and said, and later immediately became nervous when he heard what the policeman said to him, crossed his arms around his chest, and said: “I have nothing inside."


"You have nothing to show us?"


The older policeman winked at the other policemen. If this Cheng Ge didn't want to take off his clothes, they would have to force him, and he seemed to know that too, so he had no choice but to take off his clothes.


The older policeman turned the front panel of the cardigan upside down, and then everyone discovered that there was actually an extra layer inside the undershirt. Because the cardigan was dark blue, it was unapparent from the outside.


"What's in there?" asked the older policeman.


"Money," Cheng Ge replied honestly this time.


A few policemen lifted the extra layer and found there were indeed several Yuan bills layer by layer inside, but the amount of money was not huge, only 600 Yuan in total.


"Why did you put the money here?" A policeman asked Cheng Ge strangely.


"That money for meals."


"Money for food?!"


The policeman took a look at Cheng Ge's cell phone, then at the money he had hidden in his clothes, feeling a little strange. Who would hide the food money in the clothes? Why not put it in the card and pay directly with the cell phone?


Now the 50-a 60-year-old man who sells sweet potatoes on the street has been using his mobile phone to collect money. This man looks to be 30 years old. How can he pay for his meals in cash? There is definitely something wrong with this person, could he be a fugitive?


The older policeman asked Cheng Ge: "Tell me your ID number, let's check it."


Cheng Ge said his ID card number, and the senior policeman asked Sister Li to check if Cheng Ge was a wanted criminal on the Internet.


"No problem."


Sister Li checked the ID card number, and the character portrait that came out looked very similar to her, then asked her to check her fingerprints, and found that the fingerprints were also correct.


Just as the older policeman was frowning, the younger policeman walked in with a pink bag in his hand.


“Miss Qin, check if this is your bag,” the young policeman asked Miss Qin while holding the bag.


"Yes, yes, it's mine," Miss Qin shouted as soon as she saw the bag.


"See if there's anything missing. We found this bag in the trash can around the corner," the young policeman handed the bag to Miss Qin.


Miss Qin took the bag, opened the zipper, took out a packet of wet wipes, wiped the surface of the bag, and then took out the rest of the contents.


It was all kinds of gadgets, cosmetics, tissues, mints, and an electric toothbrush.


"Why do you also have a toothbrush?" Frank looked at Miss Qin and asked strangely.


"I'm obsessed with cleanliness and have to find a place to brush my teeth after every meal," Ms. Qin said.


It is exactly the same as her action of wiping the bag with a damp towel as soon as she received the bag. Miss Qin searched almost everything in her bag, then took out a small rectangular box that looked very elegant. She opened the little box, and it was empty.


"Nothing is missing, only the necklace is missing," Miss Qin told everyone.


“How big is this necklace?” asked the older policeman.


"It's probably as long as the forearm. The main reason is the necklace is made of a very fine emerald, so it's more valuable."


Such a large necklace can be hidden in a certain part of a man and rolled up. The older policeman looked suspiciously at Rui Geer and Cheng Ge's lower bodies, and the two of them suddenly felt cold.


At that time, Sao Wen suddenly remembered something and said: "I remember that person seemed to fall on Tang Rui before, did he take advantage of this moment to hide the necklace on Tang Rui's body?"


As soon as Sao Wen's words came out of his mouth, everyone turned to Rui Geer in unison. Only Cheng Ge didn't care, he was just keeping tabs on the 600 Yuan in cash that the police had found for him.


“No,” Rui Geer quickly touched himself and lifted his clothes to control his concern. He almost unbuttoned his pants. On his there was only a sweatshirt, no matter how he looked at it, he couldn't hide a necklace. After all, in the summer, the only place to hide something was underneath.


"You two are going to this room with me." The older policeman waved at Rui Geer and Cheng Ge, just as he was speaking, he glanced at Frank and the others who were with Rui Geer, then said, "You guys are coming with me too. "


Well, that was more awkward. Frank and the others looked at each other, and everyone started thinking in their minds that it was embarrassing for birds to meet naked.


"Wait a minute!" Frank suddenly shouted.


"What's wrong?" The older policeman looked at Frank and asked.


"I probably know who stole the necklace," Frank said.


"Tell me, who stole it?" the policeman looked at Frank and asked.


Frank didn't respond to what the older policeman said, turned to look at Cheng Ge instead.


"Brother?" Frank shyly asked Cheng Ge.


"What is the problem?" Even so far, Cheng Ge still has had an indifferent look on his face. He only cared about his few hundred dollars and didn't worry about anything else.


"Three or five bottles?" said Frank.


Cheng Ge's face lit up when he heard Frank's words, his eyes became radiant, and he stepped forward: "Two punches."


"It's a destiny to fight more and fight less."


"Okay, brother," Frank and Cheng Ge said in unison.


"Looking at him, is he paralyzed?" asked Frank.


"Don't mention it; everything was washed away overnight," Cheng Ge said with a decadent expression.


"Oh wait," the older policeman saw Frank and Cheng Ge suddenly speaking with strange code words, and immediately came over and asked, "You belong to a gang, what are you talking about?"


"No, we're all post-bar friends. We just confirmed our identities," Frank explained to the older policeman, then looked at Cheng Ge and said: "Even if you're paralyzed, you cannot do so is illegal, tell my brother if you took that necklace."


"It's only borrowing money, it's not illegal," Cheng Ge said with a straight face.


When Cheng Ge said that, Frank used Athena Vision, with this technique, so it was easier for him to judge Cheng Ge and whether he said was true.


There were only two people wearing blue cardigans, one is Rui Geer and the other is Cheng Ge. Cheng Ge said he didn't do it, and Rui Geer was with him the whole time. Now, neither of them is the one who ripped off Miss Qin's necklace, so here's the thing.


Who stole Miss Qin's necklace?


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