M. F Chapter 664: Change the way of barter.

"Let's not talk about that now. First, the installation of reconnaissance equipment on this kind of drone must be done by our electronic equipment test center, so we have the naming rights. I think it better calls this drone 'Condor,'" Director Kang Guangyu didn't blink for a single moment, only to stare firmly at the proud figure in the sky.
"Why?" Director Cheng Xuan argued loudly: "The Bionic Drone Program was originally a product proposal submitted by our General Staff Department based on the needs of Secret Service missions."
"Even if you can't have it, you want to choose his name, don't you?"
"No," director Cheng Xuan said rigidly: "This Goshawk drone can be used by our agents for more important purposes. I think it's better to call it Gyrfalcon."
"What Gyrfalcon, doesn't your intelligence service want the kind with the big fists? Why did you start pissing me off with that idea again?"
"You also want this kind of bird. Is it easy to make this kind of bird?" Director Cheng Xuan laughed: "In the future, the Gyrfalcon will be used to spy on the sensitive buildings of secret factories, and will save us from knocking on doors to ask to open them one after another and ask them to leave us to come in.~"
"~ This is a major breakthrough in reconnaissance equipment for our intelligence team and look forward to hearing the good news of our achievements in the future!"
"Whether you can do it or not, the credit still goes to the Huge Industrial Monster!" Director Kang Guangyu hummed: "~ And if we want to talk about seizing this product for us only, I like to tell you we can't deprive the General Staff because our electronic equipment test center is only responsible for the trial production of equipment according to military requirements.”
The debate continued until the Goshawk drone landed.
It is better to say the goshawk landed on a rock near them. The mechanical goshawk taught everyone a lesson in bionic landing. It spread its wings, and its two sharp claws continued to adjust its direction. The moment it hit the stone, its wings quickly flapped a few times to maintain its balance, and then closed its wings together, just like a proud eagle in the wild.
There is no doubt that this technology, which was originally hated by Ye Qing and abandoned, has achieved tremendous success in the General Assembly Department and the General Staff Department!
When Director Kang Guangyu returned to the Huge Industrial Monster Building, the first thing he did was take the mechanical raptor in his hands.
"My God, it's lighter than I thought. It seems less than two kilograms. How did you do it?"
"A large number of polymer composites are used, and they are porous hexagonal beehive structures." The Master Craftsman answered sideways and also gave a wink.
“What type of polymer?”
"Material composed of polyether-ether-ketone."
"This material is very expensive." Director Kang Guangyu rubbed his lips: "It is a new type of aerospace material, but it has the advantage of being expensive, its strength is higher than steel, and is much more resistant to low-temperature environments than steel."
"By the way, master, I noticed a detail on the beach. Your high-tech watch has no image synchronization display with the mechanical eagle. How did you control it to chase away the stupid eagle? ~"
"~I remember when you turned your head; the mechanical eagle followed your head and turned its head at the same time. It was like two cotyledons of pea seed, is it just as alive as it looks."
The Master Craftsman refused to answer this superficial question, and directly took off the thick pair of black-rimmed sunglasses and threw them at him. The latter strangely put on the glasses, and then a very surprised expression appeared on his face because after putting on the sunglasses, director Kang Guangyu found that the field of vision in front of him had suddenly changed, becoming a very three-dimensional image. The furniture in the office got bigger and when he turned his head a little, he could still see the back of the mechanical goshawk.
Seeing this, Director Kang Guangyu completely understood how the Master Craftsman guided the Mechanical Goshawk.
It turns out that the technical content of this pair of glasses is even higher than that of the remote control watch. Wearing these glasses is like transforming into a free-flying hawk. At the same time, on the extremely three-dimensional screen, various working parameters necessary for the flight are also marked, which made director Kang Guangyu somewhat confused. Is it the reality or the illusion of the game? But director Kang Guangyu immediately realized the enormous power of this method of control.
The reason people compare everything to what the United States had is that the United States has the most advanced level of industrial science and technology in the world. For example, here is a small example; the world was shocked when the United States released a video showing American predator drones stalking and killing enemies on the battlefield in desert areas. People were terrified to find the United States had become so powerful that all it took was a few technicians to sit down at the computer, lock their sights on the enemy like playing a game, and then launch missiles to bombard the enemy to pieces, technicians only have to move their fingers. Whether the enemy is hiding in the night, hiding in the grass, or in the tent, advanced optical detection equipment can make them visible.
The mechanical goshawk's powerful three-dimensional observation method is undoubtedly more advanced than the Predator drone. As long as it is equipped with better reconnaissance equipment... there is new small military-grade reconnaissance equipment newly developed in the general assembly, which only needs to be improved.
When Ye Qing saw the two directors arguing, he said with a smile: "Whether it's a mechanical goshawk or a mechanical sparrow, there is no problem in terms of technology. Their autonomy and charging parameters far exceed all drones of the same size. ~»
"~Just, their prices... ~"
“~ Director Kang, you should also know that the price of materials composed of polyether ether ketone for optical drones is already very expensive. There are also purpose-built advanced plasma batteries, as well as extremely difficult-to-deal mechanical power systems, and The One-Person Remote Control System that beats any mode of operation..."
Director Kang Guangyu and his group felt a little in their hearts. From the time when they only wanted to buy a single plasma battery, to when they now directly ordered the world's best one-soldier-led UAV finished products and were in indescribable excitement.
Now he suddenly thought of the price... Manager Kang Guangyu, who understood the technology best, wanted to estimate the price of a single mechanical goshawk drone in his heart but found there is no had no way of estimating it.
"Hehe~ You don't have to pay in RMB, and you can also use Metallic Dysprosium."
Director Kang Guangyu stayed until the next day. After discussing the cooperation scheme of the mechanical goshawk drone yesterday afternoon, the two sides were unable to yield to each other in terms of price and technology. Ye Qing intended to use Dysprosium Metal for barter settlement. Director Kang said Dysprosium Metal was a rare strategic metal and their general assembly department couldn't get too many shares.
If they can't get too much, that means they can get it. The General Assembly Department is responsible for the R&D and planning of military weapons and equipment. There are many scientific research units and industrial technology cooperative societies below, and it is not difficult for them to obtain strategic metals.
Ye Qing simply used the trump on the product and promised to settle the barter with Metallic Dysprosium, not just in terms of price. Product standards will also meet aerospace quality standards, and birds of any shape can be customized. If there are any special requirements, he will do his best to meet them.
"As long as you talk, I'll do the pterosaurs for you too!"
This response made Director Kang and his group extremely excited. They believed the shape of each bird required a special precision mold opening since, in the real combat environment; they need a variety of bird shapes. Otherwise, when they go on a mission abroad, and they use an eagle that is only found in China, isn't it obvious that others say there is a problem?
Only by picking those that are common in the combat area based on local bird species can they maximize enemy confusion. Under various preferential conditions, they have no choice but to choose a settlement with Metallic Dysprosium.
It is also impossible for the General Assembly Department to obtain an unlimited supply of Dysprosium Metal. After the total amount of Metal Dysprosium, they can supply, does, doesn't exceed the total amount of Metal Dysprosium they have to supply, the settlement method will become RMB, and of course, the additional discounts will be gone.

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