M I H G Chapter 186: The Mystery of Jewelry.

"Is the missing necklace yours? How come it's in the bag?" the young policeman asked the woman in work clothes.


"I work at a jewelry store. A past customer ordered this necklace from our store. I'm just going to take it to her."


After the brief description of the woman in work clothes, everyone knew the family name of the woman in work clothes was Qin and she was an employee of a high-end jewelry store. Their jewelry focused on necklaces, rings, bracelets, and other luxury items.


Because it was a high-end jewelry store, the customers generally repeated customers. Some people were ordering necklaces, but since they don't have time or are too lazy to pick them up, they asked store staff to deliver them.


This type of service has been in place for a long time. After all, the delivery of jewelry is usually in broad daylight, and the jewelry is packed in a small box, and then placed in a very ordinary seller's bag. How can ordinary people know there was a piece of jewelry worth hundreds of thousands of Yuan in such a small bag? Also, we are almost entering a cashless society now.


Once in Hangzhou News, a thief robbed seven supermarkets, and the money he seized was only a few hundred Yuan.


No one would just grab bags from passers-by. Basically, he didn't want to grab what he had before.


After hearing the words of the woman in work clothes, the two officers turned to Rui Geer and the pinned man and saw that neither had pink packages in their hands.


"Look carefully, which of these two people is the one who robbed you," the young policeman pointed to Rui Geer and the man who was pinned to the ground and said.


The woman in work clothes approached cautiously, glanced casually at Rui Geer, then pointed to the pinned man and said, "Ah, you're Cheng Ge!"


"Do you know this man?" asked the other policeman.


"This person is renting the same house as me, and I've met him several times, but recently I heard he hadn't paid rent for a long time and had been evicted by the landlord."


In this way, Brother Cheng was obviously very suspicious. If he ran out of money and couldn't pay the rent, and he accidentally learned the woman in work clothes was going to give away a necklace worth hundreds of thousands, so he handed her, ambushed on the road and snatched her bag, and took the necklace that was in the bag.


"Are you sure that person stole your bag?" the young policeman asked Miss Qin.


“I'm not sure,” Miss Qin said hesitantly, “I was walking down the road at that time, and suddenly someone grabbed my bag and ran forward, and when I realized it I only saw a man wearing a blue cardigan. The man disappeared around the corner with my bag!"


Because Brother Rui and Brother Cheng both wore cardigans and they were about the same size, so even Miss Qin didn't know which one was the one who stole her.


"Let's go to the police station first."


The older policeman saw that Miss Qin could not determine who stole her bag, so he asked people to follow him to the nearest police station, and at the same time asked the younger policeman to find a few people to search and search nearby trash cans if there was a pink bag following Miss Qin's description. Now neither Brother Rui nor Brother Cheng had a bag in their hands, so the bag was probably thrown away when the thief ran away.


When the group of people came to the police station, Brother Cheng was ultimately unsuppressed and the police did not handcuff him. After all, they don't know who stole the necklace. When they arrived at the police station, there were more police, and when they saw them entering, they approached one after another and asked what had happened.


"Sister Li; can you see if there is surveillance at the corner of Chunxi Road?"


The older policeman shouted and asked a female policewoman.


“The monitoring system on Chunxi Road has been broken down for a long time, and it has yet been unfixed,” Sister Li replied immediately without hesitation: “I remember this incident clearly. 'a case of breaking porcelain happened, and because there was no supervision, it turned into a mess in the end, and I warned the traffic police brigade to fix them quickly."


"There is no camera!" The older policeman scratched his scalp and thought for a moment, then looked at Cheng, Rui Geer, and Frank and said: "Take out all your stuff, for checking."


Because Frank and the others seemed to be in the same group as Rui Geer at the moment, he and the others also took out their things and put them on the table.


Because he came to participate in the game exhibition, in addition to the mobile phone for shopping, he also has various peripherals, and Rui Geer had the most number of belongings.


"What do you have there? Open it and let me look."


A policeman pointed to Frank's cat box and said.


"My cat," Frank said as he opened the cat box, allowing Jigglypuff, who was hiding in the cat box, to see the sun again.


I don't know if it's because of his drowsiness, Jigglypuff hid in the cat box without moving and had no intention of paying attention to stupid humans.


"Take the cat out and let's check the cat box," said the older cop.


The older policeman wanted to hug Jigglypuff, probably because he was loud during the process, causing the cat to suddenly wake up, Jigglypuff scratched his hands with his paws, causing him to stretch his arms out wide.


"Comrade Policeman, getaway, leave it to me," Frank said quickly.


"Why is this cat so fierce?" A policeman looked at Jigglypuff and said jokingly.


Hearing what the policeman said, Jigglypuff abandoned his plan to scratch Frank's hands and turned his head to look at the policeman, which meant in his eyes, "You woke me up while I was sleeping and you're asking to get me out of bed. And you want me not to be fierce?”


The cat box had no dividers, so the police casually inspected it and motioned for Frank to put the cat back and when he heard what the police told him he quickly put Jigglypuff back, which last entered the cat box, like a ball of cotton candy, and never moved again.


Frank closed the lid of the cat box, and then looked at the unsuccessful policeman, then Cheng.


"And you; get all your stuff out," the policeman told Cheng who was still hesitant to get his stuff out.


"That's all I have," Cheng took out an old worn cell phone and put it on the table. This phone looked like an old-fashioned Smartphone that was offered by major carriers in the past.


The older policeman took the Smartphone, opened the screen, and looked at it, then looked at Cheng and asked: "Why don't you have a calling card in this phone?"


"Just use the Wi-Fi a little during regular hours. I don't need a phone card," Cheng said with a smile.


"Your ID card, wallet, etc., take them out I want to take a look at them," the older policeman looked at Cheng and said.


"I don't have an ID card. I just have a cell phone," Cheng thought for a moment, then said: "By the way, I have a bank card."


As Cheng spoke, he undid the slit of his cardigan, took the bank card out of his pockets, and put it on the table. This is how the police perceived something wrong.

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