D F T F Chapter 25 : Associates.

Han Bin and Li Hui got out of the car, both holding guns and flashlights. The flashlight in the left hand, the pistol in the right hand, the two wrists crossed together. They observed the surroundings for a while and found no abnormal movement.

As they approached the car from left to right, they found the license plate number matched, so they realized this was the suspect vehicle.

At the time, they were both a little nervous, walking very slowly, looking in all directions, and listening to all movements, to guard against any sudden attack from Sun Qifeng.

After the two had approached, they used a flashlight to illuminate the interior of the car, and no trace of Sun Qifeng was found. Both were disappointed, but at the same time, they were also relieved.

“Be careful, I will inspect the car,” Han Bin said.

Li Hui nodded and Han Bin looked around the van, put on his gloves and foot covers, and opened the trunk first. He did not find any abnormal objects.

On the left side of the road is a forested mountain, and half of the van was stuck in the mud.

When he was about to open the door, he discovered there was a row of shoe prints outside the cabin, stretching out into the depths of the woods.

Wang Yan took out his cell phone and took photos of Sun Qifeng's footprints, and continued to search the interior of Sun Qifeng's car without checking it in detail.

There was a hat in the passenger cabin and the leaf storage compartment in front of the co-pilot's seat held the car papers and Sun Qifeng's driver's license, and apart from that, no other additional items were found.

"Wuwu..." At that moment, a siren sounded.

Han Bin looked at the sound side and saw that the police lights were blinking in the distance; it should have been the support of the police.


"Captain Zheng, Captain Zhang." Hailed Han Bin and Li Hui.

“You two are fast,” Zheng Kaixuan said.

"Is this the suspect's car?" Zhang Ping asked.

“It's the suspect's vehicle, but Sun Qifeng is not in the car,” Han Bin said.

"Are there any clues as to his whereabouts?" Zheng Kaixuan said.

Then a cord was pulled.

Li Hui led Zheng Kaixuan and the other to the car and said: “Captain Zheng, Captain Zhang, the suspect parked the car on the left side instead of the right side of normal driving, he had abandoned the car on the left side to escape into the forest."

"Could this be the suspect's intentions?" Zeng Ping said.

“Teammate Bin found a row of footprints outside the driver's cabin, which shouldn't be wrong,” Li Hui said.

"Captain Zheng would you like to organize a team to go to the mountain and start the search?" Zhang Ping said.

"Han Bin, can you find the suspect by following the footsteps?" Zheng Kaixuan asked.

Han Bin has just arrived and has not had time to carefully study his footprints. He said: “Footprints can be seen when you walk on the mud, but this season when you enter the depths of the mountain the fallen leaves of the forest form a thick layer and leave no footprints."

"Captain Zheng, would you like to ask the city office to call the hunting dogs?" Zhang Ping said.

Zheng Kaixuan thought for a moment; "I will request a detachment with dogs from the leaders of the city office, but we cannot wait stupidly. We have to organize a team to go to the mountain to find the suspect."

“Captain Zheng, I am ready to lead the team on the mountain,” said Zhang Ping.

"Be careful."

"Don't worry, this time I won't let Sun Qifeng slip away."


Zhang Ping borrowed a few people from the local police station and said to Han Bin and Li Hui: "Are you staying resting or are you following me to stop the guy?"

"I would come too, of course, and I would stop the man with you." Li Hui patted his chest, full of energy.

“Captain Zhang, I will not go, I will stay and study the footprints,” Han Bin said.

“Yes, find some new clues and let me know,” Zhang Ping said.

During this period of contact, Zhang Ping has some understanding of Han Bin, knowing he is not a deliberately lazy person.

"Yes, Captain,"


Han Bin crouched down next to the footprints and began to study the row of footprints.

Because Sun Qifeng stepped on the mud, his footprints are clearer, Han Bin observed them for a while and couldn't help but frown, because he found a problem with these footprints!

At that moment, Zheng Kaixuan came and said, "Han Bin, I heard from your captain a long time ago that you are good at identifying footprints. What did you find?"

“Captain Zeng, there are indeed new findings,” Han Bin said.

"Tell me."

“From a location and ending point of view, this row of footprints should be left by the driver of the van,” Han Bin said.

"I can see that too, say something helpful." Zheng Kaixuan waved his hand.

“This row of footprints is not Sun Qifeng's,” Han Bin said.

"The driver is not Sun Qifeng? How is that possible?"Zheng Kaixuan said.

“When we went to Sun Qifeng's place to rummage, I squatted near the shoe cabinet and checked Sun Qifeng's shoes. The wear marks of all the shoes are the same, wear marks from this row of footprints, I can conclude they certainly did not belong to the same person,” Han Bin said.

"Sun Qifeng is not the driver? Does he have any accomplices?" Zheng Kaixuan said.

“I suggest informing Captain Zhang of this news immediately,” Han Bin said.

"Yeah." Zheng Kaixuan nodded, "If Sun Qifeng still has accomplices, the degree of danger will increase. We must be more careful when searching."

Two hours later, hunting dogs also rushed to the scene and joined the search work.

There was Sun Qifeng's hat in the car and there was no lack of sources of odor.

The smell of police dogs is very sensitive and if the police dogs joined in the search, the chances of success will be greatly increased.

The sun has gradually risen.

The search in the mountains and the forest lasted all morning, but no trace of Sun Qifeng has yet been found.

Around noon, the first group of search teams returned is that of Captain Zhang Ping.

After seven or eight hours of walking, everyone was exhausted, thirsty, and hungry.

Han Bin took mineral water and a packed lunch for them to eat.

“Damn, this Sun Qifeng or can really hide, we haven't even seen a personal image for him,” Li Hui said emotionally.

“It's not just you, and there hasn't been any news from the hunting dog groups,” Han Bin said.

"Detective Bin, you said Sun Qifeng had accomplices, are you sure?" Zhang Ping said.

“I am sure the driver who drove the car is not Sun Qifeng,” Han Bin said.

“If it is an accomplice who committed the crime, this case will be more complicated,” Zhang Ping said.

“We never found any evidence that Sun Qifeng had an accomplice before, that accomplice was really hidden deep enough,” Li Hui said.

“Yes, whether at the scene of the crime or at Sun Qifeng's house or in the car, no clue about Sun Qifeng's associates has been found,” Zhang Ping said.

"This shows that Sun Qifeng's accomplice has strong anti-recognition abilities. Maybe he is the mastermind of this case and is hiding behind Sun Qifeng," Han Bin said.

“Unfortunately, apart from the shoe prints, there are no other clues about this accomplice, and we have to start by tracing Sun Qifeng,” Zeng Ping said.

“When Sun Qifeng is found, I'm afraid he won't report his accomplices,” Li Hui said.

“I hope there will be good news from the hunting dogs,” said Zhang Ping.

Han Bin frowned slightly, hearing the conversation between the two, he felt slightly bad, while concluding,

The van belonged to Sun Qifeng, and all clues pointed to him, and his accomplice who was very well hidden, and leaving no clue, and if it hadn't been for this accidental discovery of the characteristics of the footprints that showed these are two people, Wang Yan feared that no one would have thought that there was another participant in the case.

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